Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

ThumbsUp Halloween Special

Press Sample*

So this is the first post in English.. let's see how it works out :D

I got some nailwraps by Thumbsup from London to show you how you can hack your mani for Halloween, so here they are!

Midnight Party by Thumbsup Nails, Saucy by piCture pOlish, Paint It Black by Il était un vernis
and Nailvinyls by Svenja's Nailart 

I used the nailwraps on my middle and ring finger as accents, the other nails have one coat of Saucy by piCture pOlish as a base. I put some nailvinyls by Svenja's Nailart over Saucy and one coat of Paint It Black by Il était un vernis. I can't stop telling you how I love Paint It Black and White Canvas by Il était un vernis, my first black and white one coaters! :D

The wraps also glow in the dark, which makes them even more interesting.

Look at that glow! :D
You can order them on, with a lot of other nailwraps with several themes, patterns and colors :)

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