Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

The Petrichor Collection by Cadillacquer

Press Sample*

First of all, I wish you all a happy new year and I want to thank you for all your support <3 
It means a lot to me that you like what I'm doing! :D

Today I have a lot of swatches for you.. it's the new Petrichor Collection by Cadillacquer, thanks again Madeleine :)
Cadillacquer is a swiss indie-brand which is available at Hypnotic Polish, color4nails and Lakodom and I have to confess, these are my first polishes of this brand.. and they didn't disappoint me at all!

So here they are:

... and let's start with the swatches ;)

I used two coats without topcoat for every swatch.

This is "Apricity". It has a light-blue base with purple metallic glitter in various sizes and shapes in it.

"Ataraxy", a minty base with lilac glitters.

"Conundrum", the lilac version of Ataraxy with medium blue glitters.

"Equilibrium", a turquoise base with lots of tiny glitters in copper, silver, gold and black (at least it looked for me like this, I hope I don't tell you something wrong :D)

"Equinox", a jelly dark-blue base with various metallic green glitters in different sizes and shapes.

"Momentum", a dark grey base with hologlitters in various sizes *-* My favorite of this collection!

"Hiraeth", a mid-blue shade with holo.. another favorite :D

"Delirious", a camouflage-green shade with holo.

Last but not least, "Stentorian". A purple shade with red undertones and holo.

Pure awesomeness! I didn't have any issues with the polishes at all, I loved the brush and the consistency of every single polish.

I hope you like the swatches! :)


  1. Allesamt wirklich wunderschön! ♥ Meine Favoriten sind Conundrum, Ataraxy und Momentum. :D
    Liebe Grüße. :)

  2. Ich finde sie auch echt mega. Ich glaube 4 der Lacke würde ich mir selbst auch kaufen...

    tolle Bilder wie immer.

    Lg Jasmin ( 3hopeful_life )

  3. Bis auf das Grün (einfach weil kein Grün-Fan) gefallen mir alle unfassbar gut! Was eine schöne Kollektion, einer perfekter als der andere, und deine Swatches ja sowieso ;) :*

    1. Ich finde die Kollektion auch unfassbar gut gelungen, für mich gibts keinen einzigen den ich irgendwie schrecklich gefunden hätte! :D
      Vielen Dank, freut mich sehr dass sie dir gefallen <3

  4. Die sind alle wirklich wahnsinnig schön und ich würde glatt alle nehmen. Das passiert mir auch selten. :D


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