Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

Paint The Rainbow February 2016

Press Sample*

Today I'll show you the polishes from February's "Paint The Rainbow" box. Its theme is "Famous Couples". The pre-order will start on February 15th (they are based in the UK, so be aware ;)) for 48 hours. If there are still boxes left after these 48 hours, they will go on sale on February 25th. 

The featured brands of this month's box are Bear Pawlish, Grace-Full Nail Polish, Cupcake Polish, Colors by Llarowe and Freckles Polish.

...aaaand here are the swatches!
(On the swatches I'm wearing two coats without topcoat, unless I mention something else in the description)

This is "Mickey & Mallory" by Bear Pawlish (inspired by "Natural Born Killers"), a red linear holo.

"Evening Star" by Grace-Full Nail Polish (inspired by Aragon and Arwen from "Lord Of The Rings"), a pale lilac holo.

"Sandy & Danny" by Cupcake Polish (inspired by Grease), a blackened blue-toned green (or maybe green-toned blue? who cares, it's both! :D) holo. This is one (!!!) coat without topcoat.

"Rose and Jack" by Colors by Llarowe (inspired by Titanic), a pink-toned red holo with very fine, gold glitters in it.

"He's Her Lobster" by Freckles Polish (inspired by Rachel and Ross from Friends), a blue toned creamy pink with a delicate touch of holo. This one dries semi-matte.

My favorites are "Mickey & Mallory", "Sandy & Danny" and "Rose and Jack", they are just my type :D


  1. Wieso muss das denn eine Box aus UK sein :'( Die können doch nicht so coolen Lack auf ihrer Insel horten und dann so einen Versand nehmen. Gerade der Cupcake Polish Lack sieht sehr cool aus. Aber das wird dann wohl leider nichts.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Find das auch total schrecklich, die mobben uns regelrecht mit den Versandkosten :(



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