Donnerstag, 21. April 2016

The Butterfly Collection by Cupcake Polish

Press Sample*

Hello ladies (and maybe gentlemen ;)),

Last week I received these gorgeous samples from the upcoming Butterfly Collection by Cupcake Polish, and I fell in love with first sight!

These beauties will be released on April 24th on What a great idea to spread more hololove in this world right on my birthday ;) 

Enough talking, just take a look! <3

Let's start with the swatches!
(Shown is one coat without topcoat on each swatch.)

This is "Cocoon", a coppery orange linear holo.

"Metamorphosis", a mid blue linear holo.

"Transformation", a blue toned purple linear holo.

 "Hatch Of The Day", a slightly purple toned pink linear holo.

"Little Butterfly", a grass green linear holo.

Last but not least, "Time To Fly". A vibrant pink linear holo.

This is heaven for every hololover!

I like every single one of them, even the orange one.. and I usually don't like orange at all. That's a good sign ;)

What are your favorites?


  1. Ich finde das Blau und das Grün am schönsten. :)

  2. Wahnsinn einfach toll

    1. Und ich finde alle toll außer den helllilanen :D


Thanks for reading <3