Sonntag, 3. April 2016

The High & Mightea Collection by Delush Polish - The Shimmers

Press Sample*


Inspired by the quintessential British tradition of high tea, our collection invites you to indulge in our guilt free menu of whimsical color combinations and delicious bakery infused scented cuticle oils. Prepare to be transported to a London tea room where your senses will savor the rich and flavorsome long time tradition."


... and I'll show you a part of the whimsical color combinations today ;)

Lately I received these gorgeous Samples of the upcoming High & Mightea Collection by Delush Polish (thanks a lot, Adrianna <3). The collection consists of 14 shades, 7 Glitter Crellies and 7 Shimmers. 
They will be available on Tuesday, 5th April at noon EST time on

You might have recognized already that I will show you the Shimmers, but unfortunately only 6 of them.. "Mama Said There'd Be Glaze Like This" didn't survive its first day at its new home as I dropped it and spilled it all over the floor.. including a broken bottle, of course. 
That never happened to me before, so it hurt even more :( 

But there are still 6 gorgeous shades I can show you now! :D

Here are the swatches!
(Shown are two coats without topcoat on each picture)

This is "Beam Me Up Biscotti", a nude cream with pink undertones and tiny sparkling rose gold flakies.

"Everything I Do, I Tiramisu", a light apple green cream with delicate blue shimmer.

"Hello... Is It Tea You're Looking For?", a mint cream with very shy gold and pink shimmer in it. It's good at hiding, but it really is there! ;)

"Love At First Bite", a deep rose-leaning plum with a coppery gold sheen.

"Olive You Long Time", an olive green with gold shimmer and UCC-flakies.

"Tea Amor-etto", a periwinkle cream with very delicate purple shimmer and micro flakies shifting between blue and purple.

My favorites are "Hello... Is It Tea You're Looking For?", "Olive You Long Time" and "Tea Amor-etto".

Which are yours? :)


  1. Eine wunderschöne Review :) Die Swatches sind toll! Die Namen der Lacke sind ja auch der Knaller! :D
    "Olive You Long Time" ist mein Favorit!

  2. Each of these are incredible on you Chrissy!!! Thank you so much for such an incredible job! <3


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