Donnerstag, 14. April 2016

The Serenity In Spring Collection by Glisten & Glow

Press Sample*

Today I'll show you some swatches (and a little bit of nailart ;)) of the current Serenity In Spring collection by Glisten & Glow. These six cremes applied dreamlike and even if I'm more the holo and glitter girl, I'm in love! 

Let's start with the swatches!
(Shown is one generous coat with Glisten & Glow's glorious HK Girl top coat on each swatch)

This is "Inner Purpose Ignites", a dusty rose creme.

 "Inner Purpose Ignites" stamped with "Chimney Sweep" by Colors by Llarowe and the Lesly "LS-12" plate.

 "Calming Ones Chakras", a pinkish and dark lavender creme.

"Calming Ones Chakras" stamped with "PINK!" and the "Fashionista 14" plate by MoYou London.

"Mantras Atop Mountains", a grey leaning lavender creme.

"Mantras Atop Mountains" with some dots of "White Canvas" by Il était un vernis.

"Seas Of Silence", a cornflower blue creme.

"Seas Of Silence", "Thunderball" by Dance Legend and "Thorns" nail vinyls by RockNailstar.

"Harmonious Healing", a greyish teal blue creme.

"Harmonious Healing", "Oasis" by Cirque Colors and "Dots" nail vinyls by RockNailstar.

"Tranquility In Time", a dusty green creme.

"Tranquility In Time" and some random stamper-dabbing (if someone could tell me how this technique is called, I'd be very thankful! It's just like saran wrap with a stamper :D) with "Calming Ones Chakras" and "White Canvas" by Il était un vernis.

You could also apply two thin coats of these, it would look great as well! There's nothing to complain about :D I like every single color of this collection, and that doesn't happen often. As I mentioned already, they also apply very easy and smooth. So if you're looking for some great spring cremes, you should go for these! :)

What are your favorites?

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