Montag, 6. Februar 2017

Native War Paints Exclusives for Rainbow Connection UK

Press Sample*

As you could already see from the title of this post, I'll show you two beautiful store exclusives from that are already available. They are by Native War Paints and they are the first of this brand I have, so I was even more excited to swatch them and see how they are :)

Let's start with the swatches!
(I'm wearing one coat with a glossy top coat on each swatch.)

Heroine, a dark purple with red shimmer and holo sparks.

Girl About Town, a dark red-leaning pink with orange shimmer and holo sparks.

They applied totally awesome and are so opaque! They are a bit more on the thicker side, but that's okay for me ;) I'm impressed!

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  1. Also wenn du "Heroine" mal aussortieren solltest, lass' es mich wissen ;)


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