Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

The Holo Hookup March 2017

Press Sample*

So here it comes, March's The Holo Hookup Box :D

This month's box themed "Women Stamped In History" with four holographic polishes by DIFFERENT dimension, Cupcake Polish, Glisten & Glow and guest-maker Ever After will be available for pre-order only from Tuesday, February 21st at 9pm EST until February 28th.
It's priced at 40$ excl. shipping and available at

Let's start with the swatches!

Amelia Earhart by DIFFERENT dimension, a brick red linear holographic with added flakies.
I'm wearing two coats with a glossy top coat.

Louisa May Alcott by Ever After, a light beige nude with pink flash.
I'm wearing two coats with a glossy top coat.

Susan B Anthony by Cupcake Polish, a bright blue linear holographic with smooth holographic microglitters.
This one simply blew my mind! I'm wearing one coat with a glossy top coat.

Eleanor Roosevelt by Glisten & Glow, a light army green linear holographic with added purple to blue shifting flakes and a very light dusting of red holographic glitters.
I'm wearing two coats with a glossy top coat.

Last but not least, my very first Blobbicure with all four polishes over a black base (Obsidian by Masura). It turned out pretty cool even if it was my first try, I think :D

I really like how this box turned out, even if I was a bit skeptical because of the nude one.. but the longer I looked at it, the more I liked it :D

How do you like the box? Which one is your favorite shade?

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